Other Services

Relapse Prevention Group

Both clients and alumni attend this group for multiple purposes. Alumni always re-visit the group periodically if they have an issue that they may need help with or to simply share some of their successes they have experienced and give hope to the current clients that recovery works.

Drug Screening

An essential component to New Life's program is supervised random urine drug screenings. Once evaluated by our clinical staff then the results and recommendations are discussed with the patient and/or their family. With proper consent releases, this information is also provided the third parties.

The Assessment

The first step to our program is the assessment. The client will received a complete evaluation by a certified alcohol and drug counselor to determine the emotional health and ability to abstain from alcohol and/ or drugs. If treatment for addiction is indicated the client will be assigned to the treatment phase that best addresses the clients' personal needs.

Addiction Education and Prevention

Education is focused in the concept that addiction is a disease. Classes are conducted on site as well as off premises as needed. A library of tapes and reading materials are available as well.

Crisis Intervention and Emergency Services

Trained Counselors are available 24 hrs a day to assist with any crisis intervention service. Professional and community service providers may make special arrangements to have an on-site evaluation and crisis intervention at their location as appropriate.

Community Service Support

Education and out reach is available on-site or off-premises as requested to any school, company or institution that is in need. This includes visits, workshops, lectures, assessments, intervention, referrals, tapes or reading materials. We are also available to answer questions upon need.

Family Participation

Our approach to care emphasizes the importance of the family to the recovery process All our programs strongly encourage active participation in the treatment process beginning with the initial assessment family members are asked to attend weekly family sessions and multifamily therapy groups. We also work closely with the patient's family and other health-care professionals which have refer the patient to our program.

  • New Life Recovery Center is a member of the National Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse counselors

  • Accepting Intoxicated Driver Resource Center (IDRC) clients

  • With over 20 years of helping Northern New Jersey residents

  • New Life Recovery Center is licensed by the State of NJ Department of Human Services

  • New Life Recovery Center accepts Medicaid and most major insurances

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