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It sometimes creeps up very slowly, with little or no warning like a thief in the night, stealing the son or daughter that just yesterday was happy-go-lucky, accomplished and loving. Sometimes it hits like a ton of bricks with a phone call from the school, the police or worse yet the hospital. No matter how it has entered your family, adolescent substance abuse is something we often think about in terms of other people's children, but not our own. If this is happening in your family, know that you are not alone. Almost every teen today knows someone who has died as a result of using alcohol/drugs or been involved in a fatal car accident attributed to alcohol or drugs.

At New Life Recovery Center we understand the pain, frustration, embarrassment, and worry you must be feeling. Whether your child's substance use is a little or a lot, our caring staffs of professionals are ready to assist you during this difficult time. Without question your role as a parent is probably the most difficult job you will ever undertake. Long hours with little appreciation and no pay often stretch parents to the max. Add in the problem of alcohol or substance abuse and no wonder you feel like the rug has been pulled out from under you.

We are here to support you and to give you the tools you need to get your teen back on the track of respect, productivity and harmony.

Take a moment to view some of the following letters we have received from parents who have successfully navigated their children through the storm-tossed waters of substance abuse.


  • Joe & Mary Ann
    Dear Skip, Mary & Elisa, Being introduced to NEW LIFE was fate directed by a HIGHER POWER. Thanks to your organization we both emphatically agree that your guidance, education, love and intervention saved our children. Due to NEW LIFE’S expertise and our newly learned “family relationship” skills, our teenage son has matured to where we now witness daily his enhanced personal and academic life. Next month he will be clean and sober ONE YEAR. Thank you New Life for teaching us how to get our son back. No one could have told us six months ago that our pre-existing tenure with New Life was a God Send to help us weather an additional crisis. We discovered our college student daughter had an extremely serious drug addiction. New life guided us and our daughter to face this disease head on with a game plan that SAVED HER LIFE. Thanks and God Bless for our NEW LIFE Joe & Mary Ann
    Joe & Mary Ann
  • Al & Donna
    Dear Skip & Elisa, Just a short note to let you know how much we appreciated the wonderful program offered by New Life. Your program makes getting through a very difficult situation much easier. It was nice to know that there are other parents in the same situation as we are - a teenager with a drug or alcohol addiction. I must admit, I wasn’t sure if it was a program we could commit to because of the time constraints but we soon realized how thankful we were to the counselor at Jeff’s high school for directing us to you. We were able to take something valuable away from each and every meeting. As weeks went by it was clear to see that Jeff was working the program. It got to the point where he said to us “I really don’t mind going to meetings.” He was much nicer to be around and we were able to actually have regular conversations on a daily basis. I would like to close with a saying that I’ve heard from most of the parents that attend your group .... “Thanks for giving us our son back.” Thanks again for everything. Love, Al & Donna
    Al & Donna
  • Mary & Bill
    Dear Skip, Mike has had 6 months clean as of the 18th, and appears to be doing well. He goes to at least 9 meetings a week and has made some really good, clean friends. Mike graduated from high school in June which was a great accomplishment, and he is now holding down a job. I can never thank you enough for giving me the education and guidance that I needed to face what was to come. May God Bless you Skip, and everyone at New Life. Love, Mary & Bill
    Mary & Bill
  • Mary & Bill
    Dear Skip & Elisa, We just had to write you both a letter to express our sincere appreciation for saving Justin’s life. The first thing you said to us when we sat with you was “Give me 30 days and I will give you your son back”. And you did. Happier and healthier now than before he started messing with drugs. As a parent the worst thing that can happen is to lose a child. Even though we did not lose Justin to death, we lost him just the same. He could not carry on a conversation with us without yelling or getting frustrated. There was no way to reach him. We chalked it up to “typical” teen behavior. Then he got arrested and charged with possession. Then the healing began because we were made aware. We are thankful for the circumstances that lead us to you because we may have been taking the ride to a funeral home instead. After the denial stage, we discovered that we were the lucky ones. With so many children experimenting with drugs and dying from drugs, we are thankful that we were made aware and had a second chance. The chance one of his best friends and his family did not have. The program you have outlined for adolescents was highly effective and treats the “Family” as well as the patient. Bill and I truly do believe that if Justin had not gotten the help when he did, he might not be around today. By involving the family and the patient it helped all of us deal with the problem at hand. It was helpful to see that we were not alone as we witnessed other parents and children having similar struggles and working together on solutions. God Bless you both for helping Justin see the potential and goodness inside of him that we all knew was there. Sincerely, Mary & Bill
    Mary & Bill
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