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Our Addiction Outpatient Treatment Program is similar to inpatient treatment or inpatient program, with the exception that inpatient treatment programs are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and frequently begin with a supervised detoxification period. Outpatient programs, on the other hand, meet for a specified number of days and hours of treatment per day. Our outpatient rehab program usually involves day treatment that recognizes the level of care the patient needs in conditions like substance abuse, drug addiction, and any other type of mental health condition.


Individual counseling with an addiction professional, group therapy, and educational sessions on a regular basis are the key components of the intensive outpatient program at New Life Recovery Center in New Jersey. Evidence-based treatment approaches and medication-assisted therapies are used in both our inpatient and outpatient rehab programs to create the best treatment option for mental health issues, co-occurring disorder,  and substance abuse.



Another key thing to consider when assessing outpatient treatment alternatives is family engagement and counseling sessions, family therapy in the rehab process for substance use disorders. Family counseling, education, support, and other tools are valuable in helping family members work through the upheaval they’ve encountered in everyday life, set appropriate boundaries, and rebuild relationships because addiction impacts the entire family. The journey to recovery needs the support of everyone at home.

The Addiction Outpatient Treatment Program Admissions and Referral Process

Referrals for outpatient care in our addiction treatment center and outpatient treatment center are accepted Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. After preliminary interviews, appointments for initial treatment, individual exams, medical care, and the specific form of treatment will be determined. The potential patient must meet the following requirements:

The person is willing to participate in a harm reduction or abstinence-based program. Due to substance use, the client has acknowledged a disruption in behavioral, social, psychological, family, legal, or educational functioning. It is possible that alcohol or drug use is known or suspected.


Remaining Committed to your Health

The majority of outpatient programs last a few months. People who complete these programs may be required to keep therapeutic contact with a professional for an additional set of months in some situations as part of the recovery journey. As a treatment provider specializing in medical care, this is critical work that can help them avoid the risk of relapse if it occurs. During their follow-up, some people discover that they need to return for another round of intensive outpatient counseling for continuity of care in their recovery process, especially for substance abuse, substance use disorders.

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As a treatment provider,  New Life Recovery Center in New Jersey’s recovery program and medical team are here to help you and your mental health. We deliver on the promise of being one of the best treatment centers that make your addiction treatment and mental health disorder treatment experience as pleasant as possible through personalized intensive outpatient treatment, behavioral therapies, individual therapy sessions, and more. Our addiction outpatient treatment program and treatment facility offer support for long-term addiction recovery.

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