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Mental health problems can make the lives of those who have them intolerable. At the same time, these problems can have widespread impacts on society as a whole, especially if left untreated or delayed. Allowing a person access to intense outpatient program for substance abuse reduces the risk of chronic illnesses associated with stress, anxiety, and substance abuse. Most importantly, mental health services save lives while improving the outlook for those who are desperate and may feel lost.


If you suspect you have warning signs related to mental disorders and symptoms of depression, or if you know someone with mental health conditions, our intense outpatient program for substance abuse is readily available for you to help you take a positive step towards recovery. New Life Recovery Center takes a team approach to make sure that all medical, psychiatric, and social needs are met. 


Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

Our Outpatient Intensive Care Program (IOP) is effective in treating mental health conditions that are associated with addictions, depression, eating disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, psychiatric disorders, generalized anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, or other mental health disorders that do not require detoxification or 24-hour care. These sessions help patients with medical conditions lead a normal daily life in ways that are not possible with inpatient treatment programs. 


The IOP program can be used in combination with the Inpatient Program to help clients adapt more smoothly and seamlessly to their families and communities. They help set up support mechanisms, assist in recurrence management, and provide coping strategies.


We generally offer 3-hour sessions daily, 3 days a week in our intense outpatient program for substance abuse. Our sessions are both day and evening, to cater to individuals who are back to work or school. The group modality is used and orchestrated by our licensed counselors.

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Counseling, Individual and Family


Counseling, otherwise known as psychotherapy or talk therapy,  is one of the most common treatments for mental disorders, depressive disorders, substance use disorder, anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders, or bipolar disorder. Counseling involves talking about pressing concerns and problems with a mental health professional.  Our counseling sessions are available for both individuals and families. Individual and group talk therapy is helpful and useful even for those who do not have a mental health condition and are simply going through challenging life situations (grief, divorce, etc.).


Offering many approaches to treatment, our counseling services are centered and guided by you as an individual or as a family. Life can throw us many surprises and sometimes having someone to talk to or offer guidance can help. We understand the risk factors and assure you that we are here for you during your most difficult times and we want to help.


Outpatient Program (OP)


Outpatient treatment is a modality where individuals in early recovery start to work one-to-one with a licensed clinician. This is why we offer treatment options for various conditions like depressive disorders, substance use disorders, severe depression, adjustment disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and other mood disorders.  This private setting allows individuals to start dealing with more personal challenges. People who choose the outpatient program do so for a variety of reasons. They may have young children at home or run businesses and cannot take weeks or months off to get treatment in a residential facility. Others may need the outpatient program when they are transitioning out of an inpatient program in order to provide structure and support. Outpatient treatment programs are beneficial for people with mild to moderate symptoms who have a strong support system at home.


But outpatient mental health treatment is different for everyone with mental conditions and psychiatric conditions and we recognize this. This is why our outpatient program involves a combination of individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy, medication management, panic disorder, and after-care for anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders, or mental health disorders in general. A customized treatment plan can be created to meet the specific needs of each client. 

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Family Support Group

Because addiction does not just impact the individual, we also provide family support groups. This is because one’s family history and life events can also have an immense impact on the family members and loved ones of the person suffering from addiction. Our Family support groups work to strengthen the recovery process by strengthening the family as a support. However, it is important to have realistic expectations. Recovery is generally not an easy process; there are probably improvements and setbacks. It is best to work with us, your treatment team, to help provide support.


Mental health directly poses risk factors and affects a person’s emotional and psychological well-being. When our friends and loved ones get the care they need through effective treatments and get good mental health, they will lead happier and healthier lives. It is time to remove the stigma that surrounds mental disorders. People afflicted with this condition need all the help they can get.

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