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Family Support

At New Life Recovery Center we believe that addiction is a family disease. Take a deep breathe if your loved one has found treatment. Whether it is in IOP Intensive Outpatient Program, OP Outpatient Program or our Alumni Program they are heading in the right direction. But now is the time for all to heal. Whether it is your child, spouse or significant other, addiction harms all in the household. Distressed relationships , legal matters, financial burdens we believe ALL in the family or household need to heal. We believe the individual suffering from addiction needs to be accountable for their actions. Research shows that early recovery triggers such as toxic relationships , financial strain and employment problems can all be triggers for relapse. At our Family Program healthy coping skills, healthy boundaries and rebuilding of trust will be covered. 

Moderated by one of licensed clinical staff, We will cover topics that allow you to heal and provide a loving environment for your loved one. Self realization, emotional support and healthy communication are skills we all can work on on a daily basis, Our licensed clinicians will prepare you for the ups and downs of early recovery with your loved one. What to expect, why are they still angry and signs to look for with relapse. Whatever has been done until now hasn’t worked, we believe that the more ammunition and education loved ones have will prepare them for dealing with their family member or significant other. 

We will cover codependency, enabling and healthy boundaries/communication. Tough love is a skill that most of us are not taught and we believe all family, friends and loved ones need the equal support to allow the household to heal. 

Our Clinical team will advise you on when these Family Support Groups will happen or you can call us at 973-728-7788 to schedule to join. 

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