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Intensive Outpatient IOP

IOP is usually 3 hours a day 3 days a week. Our sessions are both day and evening to cater to individuals who are back to work or school. Our adolescent program offers a daytime program that meets the required state of New Jersey guidelines for academics. More about adolescent services can found here.   The group modality is used and orchestrated by a licensed counselor. Day to day struggles and focus on relapse prevention are usually the topics. Individuals in IOP usually are engaging family, loved ones, employers and classmates who may be triggers, still angry or concerned about past behaviors. These all could be catalyst for relapse and the IOP group is a safe place to reinforce healthy ways to deal with these early recovery obstacles. We at New Life Recovery Center believe that focus on oneself is imperative in the early recovery process. The IOP group becomes the backbone  in dealing with these matters. 12 steps teaches that because we are changing doesn’t mean those around us are. Time heals all wounds and you will have time in the future to make peace with those that were affected but first things first. 

IOP is a time of continued growth. During your time in IOP you will find emotional growth, continued strength in sobriety and new sober friendships. The emotional ammunition to transition back to work, school and life. Your clinical team along with the group will keep providing continued guidance on how to tackle life’s obstacles in a healthy way. Emotional stress , frustration and anxiety can all be triggers for relapse. At New Life RecoveryCenter IOP we focus on relapse prevention, recovery tools ( 12 step meetings) ,biuldig a healthy sober network and sober activities. As your emotional muscle biulds your clinical team will biuld a game plan for stepping down to Outpaitient (OP) level of care. Please call us to schedue a assessment at 973-288

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