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    Outpatient Program (OP)
    Patient participating in outpatient treatment at New Life Recovery Center

    Outpatient treatment is a modality where individuals in early recovery start to work one-to-one with a licensed clinician. This private setting allows individuals to start dealing with more personal challenges they may be facing in their recovery process. Legal, family, employment, and friendships are all major obstacles. In addition, psychological needs can be evaluated more closely with the guidance of our licensed clinicians at New Life Recovery Center. Depression and anxiety are common in early recovery, but evaluation by a licensed clinician can allow you to find the right, individual treatment plan.

    The overwhelming anxiety of lost or broken relationships, imminent legal issues, or career decisions can be crippling. In early recovery, drug, alcohol, and addictive behaviors are a symptom of underlying issues. While working with our licensed clinicians, a number of treatment methods are used.

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), is a method used to help an individual change the way they look at life’s obstacles. Early on in recovery, outlook is naturally dismal. CBT helps individuals change their outlook from the glass half empty to a glass half full! Very common for individuals with 3-6 months sobriety are issues that were overwhelming in the first days of recovery, which become less crippling as one works on their outlook on life. By personal work and growth, we find our clients able to meet life’s challenges in a more harmonious way.

    Another method used in Outpatient treatment is Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), which is a form of CBT, but focuses more on negative and self-destructive thoughts. Self-harm, self-destruction, and self-sabotage. (ALWAYS GO TO THE NEAREST EMERGENCY ROOM OR CALL 9-11 IF YOU HAVE SUICIDAL THOUGHTS!) Letting our licensed therapists know about past or current ideation is imperative to your growth. Most suffering from addiction have the self-sabotage mindset, especially early on. Rebuilding of self worth, self- forgiveness and self-esteem are all goals of OP treatment.

    Motivational Interviewing (MI) is another common clinical approach. Empathy to your situation, and identifying life’s goals and current behaviors, preventing them and a focusing on self-efficacy. Early on, it can be overwhelming to see how addiction and behavior prevented clients from achieving personal goals. Being a good parent or partner, living up to a career or academic potential , committing crimes or actions against our moral standards, etc. Early on, self-realization can be tough to accept. Through our OP, acceptance of problems, identifying goals, and making reconciliation will become clearer, as the recovery process happens.

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