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Partial Hospitalization PHP

PHP is a step down level of care for individuals just out of residential inpatient or detox levels of care. Usually consisting of a 6-8 hour clinical day involving group therapy, life skills building and one on one counseling  for those transitioning back to their normal lives. We at New Life Recovery Center realize that those suffering from addiction may find the transition initially a trigger as they renter work,school friends and family. Our PHP program is designed to assist in this process. 

Group therapy is a proven modality that is mediated by a licensed counselor utilizing peer support and identification.  Topics usually focus on early recovery such as relapse prevention, trigger identifiers, relationships both platonic and intimate and taking care of yourself. Utilizing multiple clinical methods the focus is on taking what was learned  in inpatient or introducing those newly sober to recovery building methods. The peer group support helps those early in recovery to self identify with likes struggles due to addiction. Strained relationships, family problems and loss , legal problems , employment and  lack of healthy social skills are all obstacles faced in early recovery. Group identity helps those early in recovery realize they aren’t alone in feelings of despair. The group with clinical guidance can work on strategies and support to find solutions to all of the problems. What seems like despair today is all solvable or healable over time if we keep the focus on recovery. In addition exposure to 12 steps or other support modalities is an integral part of our group therapy.

Life Skills building is a common defect most early recovering individuals overlook, Regardless of one’s socio- economic background most are overwhelmed by day to day life. Cooking, hygiene , eating , grocery shopping and laundry can all be overwhelming to the newly recovering individual. Taking care of yourself and learning how to early on recovery are vital to a successful recovery. Dependence on a spouse or a parent for day to day survival are bad habits acquired in addiction. As a group we will focus on self care and household responsibilities and re-educate you on taking care of you on the road to recovery.

One on one counseling is imperative to deal with ongoing emotional or mental health issues. Administered by a licensed therapist individuals are free to explore their inner self to continue the healing process. Depression, Anger and anxiety are all common symptoms of early recovery. Despair is a normal feeling when dealing with relationship, financial, legal and family matters. In addiction, some might be dealing with underlying psychological disorders and the guidance of a licensed professional is necessary to diagnose and treat these matters. At New Life Recovery Center our PHP program will prepare you for the ongoing recovery process. Call us today to schedule an assessment .  973-728-7788

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