Three Higher Levels

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Three Higher Levels

The three higher levels of care for addiction treatment are:

In Patient
Partial Hospitalization (PHP) / Sober Living
Detox is needed in cases where there is excessive use and suddenly stopping may present health risks. There are both inpatient and ambulatory detoxification programs. Inpatient would be for severe cases and ambulatory works for those who are in better physical shape. Detoxification consists of being supervised by a physician and medications being prescribed to help with discomfort if needed. By vital signs being monitored, adverse reactions to no longer using can be avoided or treated professionally before it’s life threatening.
In Patient treatment programs typically last thirty days but they can be shorter. While in the program, patients receive five hours of substance use disorder treatment therapy, five days a week. Additionally they will meet with an individual counselor at least once a week. One of the main benefits of In Patient treatment is the chance for the patient to reset. One of the most challenging aspects of recovery is people, places and things. By being in a new environment without temptation, the patient has a better chance at achieving and maintaining sobriety.
Partial Hospitalization (PHP) is the same amount of hours weekly as inpatient. The difference is instead of sleeping on site, the client is living at home or staying at a sober living home sponsored by the PHP program. Additionally they will meet with a counselor for an individual session once a week. The goal of PHP as with In Patient is to immerse the patient in treatment. By taking the time to focus the patient solely on their sobriety and health, dramatic improvements are possible in a short amount of time.

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